Child Support And Mortgage Payments

Once child support payments are set, it takes legal action to change them. A change in circumstances may necessitate a change in child support payments. For example, if you increase the amount of time the child is physically in your custody, the court may decrease your child support payments to reflect the change.

Supporting Parents to Support Children. My Account Online Case Information. A secure online account is available for people who are a party to a child support case or who have the authorization to access case information.

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Child support is assistance (usually financial), which is owed by parents to and for the benefit of a child. The state of Georgia requires parents to provide adequate support for their minor children. A parent can’t waive a child’s right to receive child support.

"I admire her." The pressing problem: Reddy owes $16,000 on her credit cards and isn’t quite making ends meet on her salary plus the $6,390 a year in child support she gets for Lane. In addition to.

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In Missouri, child support payments can be made directly form one parent to. as mortgage payments, rent, car payments, credit card bills and other debts, etc.

In most states, mortgage payments made to maintain the children’s home during separation or after divorce are considered "third party payments" of support rather than "direct payments," i.e. payments made to a third party for goods or services the children receive rather than to the children’s custodian directly (or through the support administrator for relaying to her).

Unless otherwise directed by the Court, all child support and alimony payments must be sent directly to the Florida State Disbursement Unit (FLSDU) in.

Cash The Department of Revenue does not accept cash in our offices. To pay child support with cash, you can use these money transfer services: Processing times: Payments made through any of these money transfer services may take up to 7 business days to reach the parent.

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