Upside Down Mortgage Options

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Being upside down in your mortgage is another way of saying you owe more on the house than what it is worth. Many times, this goes hand in hand with a lack of money to make mortgage payments to.

When I talk about people being upside down in their mortgages, I mean that they owe more on the home than it's worth in the current market. In other words, they.

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3. If the value is relatively close to the balance on 1st mortgage then you will have to deal with the 2nd mortgage sooner rather than later because in not too much time, the value of the house will go up high enough for the 2nd mortgage company to be able to foreclose.

Thank you for your question about refinancing your mortgage for your property that you owe more on than it is worth. Your options to refinance your loan are limited when you are upside-down on your home.

How to Get Out of an Upside Down Mortgage. The first option is to sell the home. In this case, you will lose money on the investment. Upside down occur when a buyer purchases the house at the top of a market, and then the home’s value declines. If the borrower has not placed a large enough down payment or made large enough mortgage payments,

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